The Town - Affleck returns with The Town

Affleck returns with The Town 

There are very few people in Hollywood who can make a successful transition from a hero worthy of Hollywood award-winning instructor.

The only person who managed to become famous in both areas is going to Clint Eastwood. Following closely on the heels of Clint Eastwood is an actor and director Ben Affleck.

Affleck has appeared in numerous films that have turned into money at the box office churn, but somehow his performances have never been critically acclaimed. As director Ben Affleck has made a film called Gone Baby Gone, which became an instant hit with the masses.
Now the director is back with its rapid pace Bank Heist film The City. The film has all the elements of a thriller, swift and heavy-drama executives working class. Affleck starred in the film as well, which makes it even more special.


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