Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai Are Separated?

Telugu film Power Star Pawan Kalyan is separated from his second wife Renu Desai - at least personally. It's been almost a month since they were separated as Renu Desai leading life in Pune.

Pawan Kalyan but why separate and Renu Desai - Sure, it was a love marriage and everyone really want to know the reasons for their separation. So what are those reasons here we go!

Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai distributed because of financial problems. It seems that Renu Desai was very disappointed with Pawan Kalyan's approach towards finance.

He felt that when Chiranji and Naga Babu makes crores in Telugu films and leading a lavish life, Pawan return to his remuneration back to producers when his movies are suffering losses.

Another reason being Pawan Kalyan was never been serious about money, and it almost took him more than a decade to build his own house despite being a huge brand in the Telugu cinema. Renu Desai and was absolutely livid with this approach. But more than his separation from Pawan Kalyan is his children.

Pawan Kalyan is blessed with a daughter and a son, but they are currently in Pune supervised by Renu Desai in his mother's house, where Pawan Kalyan is a leading lonely lives in Hyderabad. And the bottom line - Pawan Kalyan is trying to settle scores with Renu Desai through some of the economic deal and bring his children back to Hyderabad.


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