Close Encounters Of The My Kind

Ever since watching the X-Files when I was a young child, I've been interested in the paranormal, especially when it comes to aliens and UFOs. It was easy to get by with this interest as a child, because many people chalked it up to my youth. It becomes more difficult to have this interest when you're older, because most people believe your reasoning should have gotten you over that type of interest, but getting older only gave me a better pair of eyes to view my interest.

Real Evidence

When I was a kid, I would most likely believe anyone that told me they had seen a UFO hovering over my hometown and had no idea how to explain it. I grew older though, and even got two degrees in research intensive areas, so now I know how to legitimately research claims that something paranormal occurred. I haven't lost my believe in the extraterrestrial, it is just more refined now and less likely to be duped.

I love going through real evidence. I used to think that pictures were the most evidence you could come by. Now I know I can contact local authorities, airports, military bases, and nearby neighbors to verify whether something strange was in the sky on a certain night. It makes the search for extraterrestrial life seem a bit more legitimate.

Others Who Are Interested

Many people would assume that it would be hard to find people with this shared interest, but luckily, the X-Files helped me out with that as well. An actual organization know as the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) was featured in the show several times, and they have branches all over America. Each branch meets once a month to discuss topics.

Although many at the meetings don't share the skeptical mind that I've developed and my need for concrete evidence, they actually enjoy the counterpoints at each meeting. They will discuss what someone claimed to have seen, and I will press them for any supporting evidence. It's something that I enjoy thoroughly. as I'm not trying to debunk anything they're saying, I would just love to have something provable to show someone.

It may seem like a strange interest to have, especially since paranormal dramas are nowhere near as culturally relevant as they used to be, but it's something I enjoy. It gives me something to do and takes me back to my childhood, and anything in an adult life that can transport you back to childhood isn't strange at all.

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