Chris Brown’s New Album “Fortune”

Chris Brown, a 23 year old musician, proved himself as a talented and a professional performer, despite the fact that he's been with us a short while.

In spite of his youth, he already managed to work together with such stars as Benny Benassi, T-Pain, Lil Wayne and many others. Chris managed to release 5 albums since 2005 and each of which was a hit.

“Fortune” became a new step in Chris Brown’s work. There is no way anybody can have any doubts about the new album’s success. Chris Brown’s secret's rather simple. He invites talented and experienced people to work with him.

So the hits can be made. The first song in the Fortune album is “Turn Up The Music” and it sets exactly the right mood. Then we can listen to “Bassline” which turns out to be rather self explanatory. There's a lot of bass in the song!

Bassline Lyrics are also very interesting. You can check them out here

But somewhere in the throes of all the electronic sound we are able to find a god old slow hip-hop such as in “Mirage’, recorded by well-known Nas. Don't Judge Me lyrics are also quite memorable.

So Chris Brown seems to insert several different genres in just 5 songs and the album becomes a lot better for it. Basically the album is produced with a thought “we will make the people reconsider rhythm-and-blues.” This is what Chris Brown attempted to explain in one of his interviews and it seems like he and his team reached this goal. The sound is rich, the setting is original and the songs are memorable.

At the same time the album is rich with musical tracks, which are definitely written for the dance floor. So “Fortune” can easily conquer the night clubs. Chris Brown is not planning to change his work direction and I’m pretty happy about this fact. He has his own style, that I really like because he manages to fit all kinds of different genres into it.

Overall I think that “Fortune” has all the chances to be the most as successful a Chris’s previous works. Actually I have no doubts about it.has all the chances to become the most as successful a Chris’s previous works. Actually I have no doubts about it.he chances to be the most as successful a Chris’s previous works. Actually I think it is inevitable.


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