Vishwaroopam Movie Review

Viswaroopam Movie Director: Kamal Hassan

Viswaroopam  Producer: kamal and PVP

Music: Shankar Ehshon

Cast: Kamal Hasan, Pooja Kumar,Rahul Bose, Andrea Jeremia, Shekhar kapoor, Nasser.


Kamal Hassan's determined project at finally hit the screen after many issues due to it concept and makers’ plan to release movie through DTH. This movie has been made with 100 crore budget. Especially post production procedure of the movie was done with high technical values. Let’s find out what the story and what is the result at box-office.


Nirupama (Poojakumar) Viswanath (Kamal Hassan) are living in America by doing their respectable professions. As Nirupama is scientist who is assisting Deepak has illicit relation with him. Meanwhile Omar (Rahul Bose) a terrorist who wants to execute a plan but when his plan clashes with Nirupama and Kamal Hassan what happens next must be seen on the big screen.


Nearly three years, Kamal Hassan has taken to finish this movie. Kamal has played different roles for this movie as an actor, director and writer. He is working very hard work and investigates on technical values to implement for this has been seen on frame.

In this movie action sequences are the one of the advantage of this film. This film is super thriller than the story. Vishawaroopam movie moves slowly till enter Kamal Hassan story.It has good movie for class audience than B and C audience.


Sanu Varghese photography is extraordinary and pleasing on eyes. Every frame has its uniqueness with quality and rich look.Especially capturing Afghanistan locations are truly amazing.  Shankar Ehsaan Loy’ music and BG score is impressive. Dialogues and editing is appreciable. As a director Kamal has done justice. Screenplay is good.

Final Words:

Viswaroopam movie is enjoyable and action movie.......................

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