Race For Delhi:Modi vs Rahul

The hype is endless, sensationalist, news catered to the masses scintillating presentations, the Medias mantra for trp.

Controversy personified or development guru Narendra Bhai! The son of Gujarat is the shining icon of the Gujarat’s in the present times.On the other hand we have the soft, serene, youth icon Rahul the crown prince of the congress party.

Rahul entered the political arena not more than a decade back,has worked tirelessly to strengthen the grass root level cadre of the congress, the youth congress ranks have steadily bolstered under his leadership and efforts.

Many of his preferred young candidates are ministers in the centre today. Sonia planning a graceful exit from a long time from active politics faces the dilemma of Rahul taking his time to prove his metal. The desired mass response has eluded him from a long time.

When we talk of Modi we must admit the man has the experience and surely the charisma to be a leader of national stature. His credentials are already proven; the corporate world has many modi fans the Ambanis and Tatas amongst the most prominent ones. Can this man take india into the 21'st century with the bang that we all deserve. How long will we remain a developing nation, isn’t it time to have someone who knows how to lead.

Rahul is always their he has time on his side, a promising choice for the future but 2014 is definitely not his time. The only hurdle is the taint on modi of the 2002 riots all he needs is a secular ideology............

Development for all one nation, one people one leader for 2014-2019.We need it, how long will the Americans lead and the Chinese and Pakistanis threaten us. It’s high time for us .........

VANDE MATARAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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