Am I "American Idol" Worthy? Could I Make It Up Levels?

We've all asked ourselves at some point if we are "American Idol" worthy of being on the show. Maybe even making it to the next level or two on the hit television series.

Maybe you have even thought about winning the entire series yourself and being the next "American Idol" winner. This is not an uncommon dream just so your not too ashamed of thinking it. It is human instinct to have faith in your own personal talents.

It is very natural for a person to believe that their singing voice is as good as an actual great vocalist. Don't get me wrong, almost anybody can sing well with the correct training and lessons from professionals. A lot of artists with hit singles on the radio today don't have that great of voices. With the help of technology and vocalist coaches, you can make it pretty far.

I believe that there is a step of levels that a person must succeed at in order to make it to the next level. Go over these variables just in case you believe that you might be the next American Idol.

1. Natural Singing Talent

I would say this is the biggest step of all of the variables. You need an excellent voice and it's most important of all other aspects. No matter how you display yourself physically, you must have a decent voice naturally. Most of us are not naturally gifted, so you may strike out in this variable very easily.

2. Your Song Working With Your Voice

Choosing your song is a huge deal because it displays your voice in every aspect imaginable. It also describes the style of person you are and what style of celebrity you plan to be. If you do not choose the correct song to display your voice, you may wreck your chances. Having an excellent voice and singing the wrong song to your voice could heavily dampen your odds.

3. Physically Displaying Yourself

How you display yourself is a very important variable to the judges of "American Idol." They look at the next American Idol winner as someone that could be idolized. Also, to be a person for people to look up to. You can take that however you want, but how you represent yourself is a huge variable for the judges to determine. You may have the best voice in this world, but you will not make it to the next level if you did not display yourself to the judges properly to their liking.

4. Judges Mood At Your Performance

This variable may not seem like one of the top ones that should be in this list, but if you watch a lot of "American Idol" you will realize that the mood of the judges is a huge factor. There have been a lot of people that should not have gone to the next level but they said or did the right thing to the judges. That factoring them to have made it to the next level which means a lot. Even if you did not win American Idol, it still helps to make it up levels. It still means a lot to your resume and music career. Some of the best music artists have made it huge that only went a couple levels deep on the show.

That sums up our levels of variables when it comes to leveling up in the "American Idol" television series. Maybe you agree with the variables, maybe you disagree. Feel free to exchange thoughts or disagreements you have about the variables. I'm an "American Idol" guru and I have seen pretty much every episode available. This is pure opinion based so don't be afraid to share your opinion as well. Who knows maybe you're going to be the next American Idol.

The author Chris Weber doesn't write too much about television shows like this but made an exception for such a phenomenal craze like American Idol. It blows his mind at how popular such an idea can become like this. Check out other viral articles written by Chris for fun reading.


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