Why Is David Beckham Still An Icon?

How a one man global brand continues to be idolised.

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Ever since scoring that famous goal from the halfway line many years ago, David Beckham slowly became a global icon. Whether it was his exploits on the football pitch, latest tastes in men’s fashion and hairstyles, or appearances on global chat shows, interest in the man has always been at fever pitch.

Not always in a positive light it must be said, whether it be crimes against men’s fashion, such as the sarong, getting sent off playing for England or alleged extra-marital affairs, there has always been reasons for those intent on disliking him to do just that.

What cannot be doubted is that he is one of the world’s truly instantly recognisable faces, and as he reaches the end of his football career he is probably becoming more appreciated. Through numerous appearances in magazines such as GQ, as well as even more “Best Dressed” and “Sexiest Man” awards, Beckham transcends not only his sport and men’s fashion, but across the whole of global society.

As A Fashion Icon

While I mentioned the sarong earlier, it would be fair to say that that was probably Beckham’s first fashion controversy, and was so long ago now to have been forgiven, if not completely forgotten. Whether it is modelling underwear, Police sunglasses or the latest Adidas football boot, Beckham has enough men’s fashion experience under his belt to truly be held up above his peers.

His success and drive has been such that he designed his own range of children’s clothing for sale in Marks And Spencer, as well as having a hugely successful range of fragrances on the market bearing his and wife Victoria’s names.

Today usually seen in a sharp suit, many men look at Beckham, whether they admit it or not is another matter, and aspire to look and be like him, whether it be in footballing ability, looks or even his extensive tattoos.

Further Afield

A huge commitment to charitable causes has also raised his status throughout the world. Whether it be for global charities such as UNICEF or visiting children’s hospitals around the United Kingdom, Beckham is always on hand to help out a good cause, and is rightfully commended for that. Numerous appearances in advertising campaigns, video games and chat shows continue to make him one of the world’s best known people.

Football, men’s fashion, tattoos, fragrances, or the Spice Girls, no matter how you connect with David Beckham, he is, and will continue to be, a global icon for a long time to come.

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